Not to be confused with Hell Centipede.

An evil spirit possessed a small centipede centuries ago. It has grown to an incredible size after feasting on mountains of corpses. Even now, it continues to wriggle throughout hell among the monsters and spirits there.
~ Official description from Undying Moon

The Colossal Centipede (大百足 (だいむかで) Dai Mukade?) is a boss in GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon. It is a centipede that was possessed by an evil spirit centuries ago and which has grown to an enormous size after having consumed mountains of corpses.

Origins[edit | edit source]

The Colossal Centipede was probably inspired by the Ōmukade, a gigantic centipede-like yōkai that lives in the mountains near Lake Biwa, Shiga Prefecture.

Fujiwara no Hidesato slaying the ōmukade of Mount Mikami.

Ōmukade are monstrous mukade–centipedes with dark bodies and bright orange legs and heads. They are often depicted with dragon-like features. Ōmukade are vicious and highly aggressive. They are very strong and venomous, and they are even been known to torment dragons.

An ōmukade's exoskeleton is so tough that it can't be pierced by weapons, although oddly enough, human saliva is toxic to them. A weapon coated in saliva may be able to pierce through its armor and wound it.

Ōmukade are extremely rare. When they are seen, they pose a threat to all in the area. Throughout history, the responsibility of exterminating these monsters has fallen on the shoulders of brave warriors.

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Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Colossal Centipede has a number of attacks it can bring to bare against the player:

  • While curled around the broken statue in the middle of the boss area, it can whip its tail at the player, knocking them back and incurring damage. This can be prevented by breaking its tail.
  • Rumbling smoke will appear from high up on the side of the boss arena, signifying that it will burst out of the wall and pause for a moment before either lunging at the player or spitting out a ball of poison, depending on the player's distance from the centipede. Both the lunge and the poison ball can be avoided by running away from them. After the attack, the centipede will pause for a time, allowing the player to get in some attacks.
  • From off to the side of the center of the boss area, smoke will rise for a short time, signifying that the centipede is about to burst out of the ground. Similar to the previous attack, it will gather its strength before either lunging or spitting out a ball of poison. The same strategies apply.
  • If the rumbling smoke from any of these points lasts for a longer amount of time, this signifies that the centipede will instead burst out of the ground and fly through the area in a wavy pattern. It flies in a different pattern depending on whether it's coming out of the floor or the wall, and from the left or the right. Learn the spots that are safe to stand in order to not get hit.
  • The screen will glow red from either the left or right side, and a rumbling sound will signify that the centipede is about to come charging across the floor from one side of the area to the other. Avoid the charge by jumping on its back, but don't ride it all the way to the other wall, or you will be struck and take damage.

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