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The 10th leader of the Getsu clan has a huge, rugged body that gives him incredible strength.
His wife and child were slain by evil spirits, and his battles are fueled by his sorrow and hatred.
Though once a priest, the only path he walks now is the one of carnage.
~ Official description from Undying Moon

Getsu Araya is a character in GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon. An honorable warrior member of the ancestral Getsu Clan.



Getsu Araya is a muscular man with a rather severe expression. He fashions a rough, black mustache and beard, and its head is completely bald (possibly having been ritualistically shaved).

He wears a medieval Oriental armor whose cuirass –like the rest of the members of the Getsu Clan– features a unique design depicting a powerful and/or mystical being; in Araya's case, it's of the face of an oni whose eyes and mouth continuously expel flames. He wears a pauldron on his left shoulder bearing the same motif, and likewise, also expels flames.

Araya wears a white poleyn under a mostly red cuisse (thighs armor) and has red straps wrapped around his right forearm and both forelegs. Of note is a thick rope which is used as a manner of belt which holds most of the wight of the entire apparel, which by the mere looks of it appears to be rather heavy.