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The Getsu Clan is an ancestral bloodline of fierce warriors who hail from the Far East. They rule over the earthly realm and are masters of diverse forms of martial arts, as well as learned in the control of the mind and the body, up to a point where they are able to channel their inner energy and employ it in battle. As rulers of the surface world, they defend it from the demons of hell, which plot to conquer it.


In the first year of the "Demon Age", the demon lord Ryukotsuki escaped from hell and plotted to conquer the surface world ruled by the three Getsu brothers (月氏三兄弟 Getsu-shi San Kyōdai?). The three sibling warriors fought against Ryūkotsuki, each wielding one of the three spiritual Hadou katanas (波動剣 Hadōken?) that had been passed within the clan for generations. However, the brothers were ultimately defeated by the demon and only Fuma, the youngest of the three, survived.

Vowing to avenge his slain brothers, he ventured into Raging Demon Island to recover the three stolen Hadou katanas, with which he summoned the spirits of his brothers and succeeded in defeating Ryūkotsuki.

A millennium later, Ryukotsuki managed to break the seal cast by the original Fuma and once again sought to conquer the surface world. A new hero, also called Getsu Fuma and descendant of the original founder, ventured once again into the pits of hell in search of the cataclysm there, as well as his missing brother.

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