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For the Undying Moon character, see Getsu Fuma (Undying Moon).

The youngest of the three brothers who rule the world above ground. He will have his revenge against the dark king that killed his brothers.
~ Description from Pixel Puzzle Collection

Getsu Fuma (月風魔 (げつ ふうま) Getsu Fūma?, lit. "Moon Wind Demon") (also spelled Getsu Fuuma or Getsu Fuhma; written in Western Order as "Fūma Getsu") is the protagonist of the 1987 Famicom game GetsuFumaDen. An honorable warrior member of the ancestral Getsu Clan and heir of one of the three Hadou katanas, mystical swords with supernatural powers. He journeys to the depths of Hell to avenge the deaths of his brothers.


In the year 14672 A.D., the first year from the "Demon Age", from the depths of Hell the Demon Lord Ryukotsuki awakened and sought to conquer the mortal realm governed by the three Getsu brothers.

With the knowledge passed down from generations, as well as their family's heirloom treasure weapons, the Hadou katanas, the Three Getsu Brothers faced Ryukotsuki. Unfortunately, Ryukotsuki managed to defeat and kill the two eldest brothers. They then stole the three Hadou katanas and handed them over to their three Majins, who ruled the hellish island of Raging Demon.

The Hadou katanas held a secret power within them: When all three spiritual swords were reunited, they gained the ability to unleash a devastating attack known as the Dainendōha.

Fuma, managed to survive the attack, though, and the grief he felt over the loss of his two older brothers eventually turned into rage and swore revenge against Ryukotsuki.

Nevertheless, knowing that he wouldn't be able to defeat Ryukotsuki without the Hadou katanas –let alone without the powerful Dainendōha– he journeyed to the the Raging Demon Island, where Ryukotsuki and their three Majins resided, on a quest to retrieve his family's heirloom treasure blades.

He succeeded in this task - slaying each of the dreadful Majins and retrieving the blade each one had. Once he collected the last one, he challenged Ryukotsuki in a final battle and ultimately succeeded in slaying the Demon Lord by summoning the spirits of his two brothers and conjuring the Dainendōha, avenging with his death the memory of his family.

Behold, the original Getsu Fuma who defeated the Ryukotsuki a millennium ago and sealed hell. What could he have sealed away with his Hadou katana? Though his body has turned to dust, he still refuses to leave hell.
~ The Founder's description from Undying Moon

Fuma reappears in a minor role in GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon, which takes place a millennium after the first game. He is found at the end of the Ancient Battleground, at the entrance of Cocytus, the final area of the game.

The Founder - Undying Moon - 02.png

According to the digital artbook that came with the game, when Fuma failed to return from Hell, the 2nd Getsu leader descended there as well in search of him; however, Fuma refused to send his soul back to the Estate in order to make sure that the seal to Cocytus remained undisturbed; so he stayed there, vigilant, for an entire millennium.

It is implied that Rando, in his search to become the clan's leader, attempted to take the Hadou katana from Fuma's petrified fingers and that it was this act what weakened and eventually broke the seal, unleashing the current cataclysm and releasing the Ryukotsuki and other denizens of the netherworld.


Proper for a warrior that hails from a world inspired after folkloric and mythological Oriental themes which pay homage to Japan's classic medieval era, Fuma wears apparel that is heavily inspired by the traditional samurai armor, consisting of a metal cuirass featuring the face of a demon and which is complemented by vambrace and gauntlets made of the same material, red fauld and cuisse worn over purple colored poleyn (pants), metal greaves and a golden diadem worn on the head which features an oval-shaped, blue gem.

One of Fuma's most prominent features, however, is his long, red hair, which is reminiscent of those often seen on traditional kabuki actors, notorious for being very long, abundant and used in a loose style that usually covers a large portion of the body.

Fuma retained this aspect along most of his cameo appearances in other Konami games, with only small changes between them.

Powers and abilities[]

Fuma is a fierce warrior with great strength and speed. His main weapon is the sword, although he can also acquire secondary weapons after buying them in stores.

He possesses the following abilities and weaponry:

  • Basic movements: Fuma's basic movements include the ability to move very fast, jump high and skillfully attack with his sword.
  • Sword: Fuma's main weapon; he starts the game with it and is effective enough for fighting most enemies. The more Fuma uses the sword, the more powerful it becomes.
  • Rock Sword: Fuma eventually gains possession of a second sword which has the ability to crush rocks and open passages to new areas.
  • Hadou katana: The legendary lost weapons of Getsu Fuma's brothers, which he must retrieve from the demons. It has the ability to shoot energy waves. There are three in total, which are guarded by Ryukotsuki's three Majins.
  • Curse Clothes: Appears as an item that makes Fuma invincible for a limited period of time.
  • Curse Explosive: A stick of dynamite that can be thrown away and cause a damaging blast of fire.
  • Shuriken: Throws three throwing stars forward in different directions.
  • Devilish Top: Grants Fuma the ability to perform spinning jumps to destroy enemies.
  • Defensive Drum: When the drum is tapped, the Japanese character 力 ("power") explodes forward, dealing damage to enemies.
  • Defensive Ball: Creates fireballs that surround Fuma to protect him from enemy attacks for a limited period of time.
  • Blue Spell Ball: Powerful attack which kills all enemies onscreen in the side-scrolling stages.
  • Red Spell Ball: Powerful attack which instantly kills the current enemy in the dungeon labyrinth stages.

Game appearances[]

Although for many years there were no sequels made to GetsuFumaDen, Fuma has made cameo appearances in several other Konami products:

Getsu Fuma battling Ryukotsuki in GetsuFumaDen.

Fuma and Kong in Wai Wai World.

Fuma in the hell level of Wai Wai World 2.

Fuma is a downloadable playable character in Castlevania: Harmony of Despair.

  • GetsuFumaDen (1987 - FC): Fuma stars in this original action-adventure game where he must travel the vast hell in search of the demon Ryukotsuki. The game has an overworld map with levels that are played like a 2D action-platformer, and there are also 3D dungeon-crawler levels, viewed in the third person.
  • Konami Wai Wai World (1988 - FC): A side platform video game where the player can choose between eight Konami mascot characters. Fuma is one of the controllable characters, his main form of attack is his sword and his secondary attack is a triple shuriken toss. He stands out for having the ability to use his sword to break rocks that block parts of some levels.
  • Wai Wai World 2: SOS!! Parsley Castle (1990 - FC): The protagonist is an android named Rickle who can transform into five different Konami characters for a limited period of time at the player's choice. Getsu Fuma is one of the available transformations. His only attack is the sword, which has the ability to break rocks at certain levels. He stands out for having the shortest but also the most powerful attack, being very useful to quickly take down big bosses.
  • Jikkyō Power Pro Wrestling '96: Max Voltage (1996 - SFC): A Super Famicom wrestling game. It features a special wrestling team called WWK which only features characters based on Konami mascots. A wrestler named "The G Getsu Fūma" (The G・月風魔?) is based on Getsu Fuma.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Duel Academy (2005 - GBA): Features a Getsu Fuhma card.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Masters: World Championship Tournament 2006 (2006 - GBA): Features a Getsu Fuhma card.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force (2006 - PSP): Features a Getsu Fuhma card.
  • Castlevania: Harmony of Despair (2010 - Xbox 360, PS3): This is a cooperative side platform video game that brings together numerous characters and settings from different games in the Castlevania franchise. Getsu Fuma appears as a hidden downloadable playable character. He was the first character from a non-Castlevania game to appear in the game. Curiously and as a tribute, he has been kept in his classic 8-bit sprite, so he has the same appearance as in the original game.
    • Additionally, the fifth downloadable pack for the game, titled The Legend of Fuma, features levels inspired and with the same graphics from GetsuFumaDen.
  • pop'n music 18: Sengoku Retsuden (2010 - arcade): Includes a remix of the songs under the genre "GETSUFUMA-DEN". Fuma appears as the character of the theme "Go! Getsu Fuma".
  • Otomedius Excellent (2011 - Xbox 360): Fuma makes a special appearance as an enemy. In the "EX Stage 1" level, in one part the classic theme of "Go! Getsu Fuma" begins to play and an army of Getsu Fumas in their classic 8-bit sprites, appear as enemies attacking with their swords and Defensive Drums at the player.
    • Additionally, the newly introduced playable character, Gesshi Hanafuuma, is a descendant of Getsu Fuma and is directly inspired by him.
  • Monster Retsuden ORECA BATTLE (2012 - arcade): A Japanese monster battle arcade game featuring a role-playing style in which the player enters monster trading cards to make them fight. One of the monsters included is Getsu Fuma, a legendary warrior who carries his classic sword and armor.
  • pop'n rythmin (2013 - iOS): Includes the theme "Go! Getsu Fuma", where Fuma appears as the theme character.
  • Professional Baseball Spirits A (2015 - mobile): Getsu Fuma appears during in the event "2021 TS dai 1-dan" (2021 TS第1弾?) as part of Kessei! Pro Spirits Ouen-Dan (結成!プロスピ応援団?) from April 21 to 28.
  • Pixel Puzzle Collection (2018 - iOS, Android): Getsu Huma[sic] appears as a nonogram puzzle.

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  • His name 月風魔 (げつ ふうま) Getsu Fūma means "moon", "wind" and "demon/devil/evil/magic", roughly translating as "Moon Wind Demon".
  • Getsu Fuma is based on a real-life historical figure known as Fūma Kotarō, a ninja-turned brigand who served the Hōjō clan of samurai during the Japanese Warring States period.
    • Several characters based on the historical Fūma Kotarō have appeared in diverse forms of media throughout the years, including films, manga, anime and video games. Interestingly, most interpretations of the character share the trait of mainly featuring a red color scheme. Of note is Fuma, a character from the Suikoden series, also by Konami.

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