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The second leader of the Getsu clan, a man with powerful spiritual energy, was once the clan's diviner.
When he lost contact with the first Getsu, he grew concerned and headed into hell after him, only to disappear himself.
He continues to look for his predecessor to this day.
~ Official description from Undying Moon

Getsu Komei is a character in GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon. An honorable warrior member of the ancestral Getsu Clan.



Unlike the other members of the Getsu Clan, who fashion a more warrior-type style, Komei instead barely uses any armor, has long gray hair and depicts a more serene expression. His garments are more akin to what could be expected from an elder-type figure or a school headmaster. They consist of a white and long robe-like piece patterned with gray floral designs which is separated in three sections: the main body and the two sleeves. These are worn over a green shirt and a purple poleyn following the same floral pattern. On his head, he wears a black cap with a peculiar design; it has a strap coming out from the top and a longer one that bends toward the back - these are apparently fasten together with a long hairpin that pierces the whole piece horizontally.

His "armor" consists only of two ornaments fashioned after a falcon's head, one worn as a pauldron on his left shoulder and the other secured on the front of the purple cord that acts as belt.