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Getsu Fuma's elder brother, Getsu Rando, has trained intensively from a young age so he could one day lead the clan. Though his abilities are unrivaled throughout the clan's history, his wishes did not come true. Instead, he perished around the time of hell's cataclysm.
~ Official description from Undying Moon

Getsu Rando (月嵐童?) is a character in GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon. An honorable warrior member of the ancestral Getsu Clan and elder brother of Getsu Fuma. Training intensively to one day become the leader of the clan, he met an untimely demise around the time of hell's cataclysm.

He is encountered by the player in the Ancient Battleground, standing before the entrance to Cocytus and The Founder's seal.


Getsu Rando, jealous of his younger brother being chosen to be the next leader of the clan, set out into the depths of hell in order to prove himself to be the mightiest warrior of the clan and thus the worthiest to lead it. Stone monuments throughout the game with epitaphs from Rando show the growth of his ego and descent into becoming hungrier and hungrier for power.

It is implied that Getsu Rando discovering the original Getsu Fuma and attempting to draw the Hadou katana from his petrified body is what lead to the weakening of the seal and subsequent cataclysm, as Ryukotsuki, the denizens of the underworld, and worse have begun to stalk the land.


Getsu Rando stands taller than his sibling, and has short unruly grey hair. His armor is dark purple, sporting a traditional demon face and spiked shoulder pauldrons. His weapon of choice is a lengthy ōdachi, which grants him impressive range in melee combat.


Getsu Rando has a number of attacks he can employ during his battle with the player:

  • He has a number of basic overhead and horizontal attacks, but can also employ some special moves.
    • One is a charging thrust that will take him to the edge of the arena.
    • Another is a counter-attack in which he will disappear and reappear above and behind the player, lunging down for a back-attack.
  • He also can lash out with a basic forward kick, stunning the player for a short time.

For the second phase of the fight, Getsu Rando will be empowered by the energies of Cocytus and enter his own Demonize mode, similar to the player, and all his attacks will be enhanced with extra strength, speed and range.

  • In this second phase, he gains a new super attack, during which he summons storm clouds, plunges his blade into the ground, and directs energy balls toward the player's feet. Staying on the move will help avoid these.