The 21st leader of the Getsu clan is known as the Getsu clan's greatest female ninja.
It is said that all were smitten by her beautiful and talented body and mind. Her cries upon her death in hell reverberated all the way to the surface world.
~ Official description from Undying Moon

Getsu Renge (月蓮華?, lit. "Moon Lotus Flower") is a character in GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon. She is a kunoichi member of the Getsu Clan. She appears as the second protagonist of the game, next to Getsu Fuma.

She will be available as free downloadable content for the game.

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Renge wears a short, one-piece, purple traditional Oriental dress held together at the waist with a red sash which is tied at the back in a big bow that goes down to half the length of her legs. She fashions purple, rebellious hair that is tied at the top of her head with a long, red ribbon. Additionally, she also wears another red ribbon that is tied around her neck.

For armor, she wears vambrace, gauntlets and greaves. While this apparel seems to sacrifice considerable protection, in return it allows her to freely move around without restraining any mobility.

However, perhaps the most notorious aspects of her garments are a shoulder armor and a buckle-like piece with a fox motif, an animal that in medieval Japan was often revered as having mystical properties.

Unlike the rest of her clan, which generally use samurai swords, Renge skillfully wields dual katanas.

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