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This woman brought back from somewhere by the 13th Getsu leader went on to serve him as a swordswoman. This cold beauty appeared out of seemingly nowhere and was said to be, in fact, a mechanical doll. She would occasionally make strange noises.
~ Official description from Undying Moon

The Shrine Maiden (侍女 Jijo?) is a character in GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon. She is a woman who hails from hell and who was brought to the Getsu Estate to serve as a swordswoman. Her overall appearance and traits suggests that she is actually a mechanical doll, akin to the Geisha Spirits.

In GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon, she acts as the caretaker of the Estate and the player can upgrade their weapons, subweapons and skills with her.


Appearance and personality[]

For an individual who hails from hell itself, the Shrine Maiden's behavior is noticeably calm, respectful and serviceable toward her benefactors. She is both serene and knowledgeable on the matters surrounding her and is always available in lending advice whenever the situation demands it.

She wears a noticeably lavish kimono conformed of different colored pieces. The main dress piece is primarily red and has a purple stripe with a floral pattern along its border on the bottom. Underneath, she wears a burning sand colored skirt, possibly being a complete undergarment as the same color peeks from the dress's collar area. She wears a large and white outer garment on top featuring patterns of cranes flying over vivid floral designs.

The entire set is held together with a yellow patterned sash tied on the front on a big bow which covers most of the abdominal area.

In addition, she fashions a complex traditional Japanese hairstyle combed in two big buns that come out of each side of the head; these are accompanied with two peaks coming from the top. The entire set is held together with a golden-colored hairpiece with various large hairpins piercing through it.

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